Non-profit Organizations in Denver, CO

SafeHouse Denver, Inc.
1649 Downing Street
Denver, CO 80218

24 Hour Crisis and Information Line
(303) 318-9989

Phone: (303) 318-9959
Donations: (303) 302-6116
Volunteer: (303) 302-6130


Non-profit Organization - SafeHouse Denver, Inc.

Brief Description:

SafeHouse Denver is a Non-profit organization serving the local area to protect men, women and children from domestic violence. We serve victims of domestic violence and their children through both an emergency shelter and a non-residential Counseling and Advocacy Center. All of the women and children who come to SafeHouse Denver have access to a full range of bilingual programming, including individual counseling, group sessions, advocacy and safety planning.

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  • Non-profit Organization in Denver, Co.
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Non-profit Organizations in Denver, Co.
Location: 1649 Downing Street Denver, CO 80218 | Phone: (303) 318-9959